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My Life Changing Pictures of Timmy from the TV Series "Texas Ranch House" he played an African American Horse Trader You will read about him in When Life As I Knew It Changed RODEOING WITH MY DAD My dad was a Dallas Police officer, and he signed me up in the Police Officers' Rodeo Association. We would haul together to rodeos all over Texas, and I would always place in the top five, sometimes even winning. It was so cool making those memories with him. My dad and I became really close. He even danced with me once when we all went out one night. I have to tell you, I felt like a little princess that night having him share a dance with me. Those were things we just never did growing up as father and daughter. I remember another great moment with him when we went to the Dallas Fair Grounds to the Dallas Police Rodeo, and I won the rodeo that night. They gave the buckles out at the end of each rodeo. When I got mine, I looked at my dad standing there with all his buddies, and he was so proud of me. Even to this day, with all the darkness he put into my life, I still hold those moments that I had with him dear to my heart. I was really getting good at this rodeo stuff, and I wanted to go out into the amateur circuit to see what I could do. I knew it would be expensive, so I started making plans for a business venture so I could afford to travel and pay my own entry fees. My horse was a combination barrel and calf-roping horse, and I knew I could make money if I could find someone to sponsor me on my horse, someone who was good at roping calves. The son of the man who owned the land where we kept our horses knew a guy who was a great cowboy, but he didn't have a horse to ride. So he made arrangements for me to meet this cowboy and to start my new dream in life. WHEN LIFE AS I KNEW IT CHANGED I was at a rodeo in Grand Prairie, and here came the cowboy who was going to help kick-start my new rodeo career. He was tall and well built, but there was one thing that kind of scared me about him. He was also an African-American cowboy. How was I going to do this with my dad being so strict and having raised us to stay away from people of different races? I did stay to meet him, though, and I actually found him to be quite fascinating. So we came up with a game plan, and that was the beginning of my life of secrecy from my family. Timmy and I decided to haul together to the rodeos. Since my family would not be there, I thought, "What the heck? It will be just fine." That was my life for the next three years, and Timmy and my parents did manage to cross paths a few times. They mostly thought he was just a friend of the family that owned the pasture we used, and who came out to help with the horses. Life was great for me for about five years. I would do the Police Rodeos with my dad and family. Then I would go off and amateur with Timmy and this world of new friends that he and I had started to build relationships with. Timmy and I became very close and eventually fell in love. Loving him was different from all the other guys that tried to get close to me. We had been friends for so many years, and it just seemed natural for us to take it to the next stage, even with all the odds against us. I did try to test the waters with my family a few times by mentioning him as being a possibility of someone I wanted to have in my life. They let me know from the start that it would never be a possibility. So once again, I came up with the perfect game plan. I would have a secret life with Timmy and a separate life with my family. Timmy and I got a little house with a lot in the back to keep our horses in, but I always made sure he was gone when my dad or my brothers came around. I never even asked Timmy how he felt. He just always seemed to go along with whatever I asked of him. He came from a family of fifteen brothers and sisters who all lived in a little worn-down duplex in the poorest part of Mansfield. His life was hard, and I think he was just so happy to be out on his own that he just let me do whatever I pleased. And I did just that, never once considering his feelings. I became pregnant at the age of twenty-eight and, without even asking him, I decided to have an abortion. I knew babies were just not in the picture for us. I think that was the beginning of my darkness taking hold of me, and it also started affecting Timmy as well in how he acted and felt about us as a couple. But we did keep rodeoing and living together. As long as we had a place to go and money in our pockets, we always seemed to keep the true emotions of our feelings under the covers. Then I became pregnant again at the age of twenty-nine, and this time I was more in love with Timmy than ever. So we decided to get married, have the baby and do this life of ours together the right way. I just knew that when my parents found out that they were going to be grandparents, they would come to terms with all of this. We would all become one big, happy family. Little did I know how wrong I was, and what kind of effect this would have on my life as well as Timmy’s and my children’s for years to come. This is where my story begins twenty-two years later. My story is a story of coming from the darkness of absolute destruction and going back to the light, of living a life that people who sought to control my destiny told me I should live and living the life that God intended for me to live.

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