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A Word About Sonja Brooks Sonja, Robyn, and Jesse Disney World 2002 We went with Kiss FM Kids Kidds Taking Back What My Darkness Stole offers to readers my personal memories of coming to terms with a painful and tortured past. Those memories are recorded in my journals as a narrative in which I openly detail many painful life experiences including molestation by a trusted family member when I was a child. The reader will also learn about my family’s emotional abuse as well as the ongoing destructive relationship I had with my daughters, which was the result of my inherited darkness. I will also explain to the reader how I overcame those adversities in my life and experienced a renewal of my faith in God through the help of friends and a Christian-based recovery process. Through reflection and prayer, I have successfully battled those demons and am now facing the struggles of trying to repair the damage that was done to my daughters and me. It is my desire that the reader will be inspired and motivated by this book, which is a forthright chronicle of the personal trials I have suffered. I believe that my reflections and the candid descriptions of my experiences will create a text that is both introspective and enlightening. Furthermore, I am hoping that my suggestions will be useful to any reader who is dealing with similar challenges. I have tried to give relevant questions for the reader to consider at the conclusion of each chapter in my book. Sincerely, YSIC Sonja Brooks DEDICATION I dedicate this book to my two daughters, Robyn and Jesse who, through no fault of their own, inherited my darkness into their own lives. My wish for them is that, after reading my story, they will truly understand that, while darkness may have been a legacy brought into their lives, it is not too late to break those chains and go into the light of God's Grace and Love. To know the truth of who you are in God's eyes is better than the feeling of who you have been led to believe you are by others of this world. If you learn the truth and believe in that same truth, then you will overcome those feelings that have taken you away from that person God intends you to be. I want my daughters to know that, if they can learn to see themselves as God sees them, then they can have peace in knowing that their own children will not inherit this legacy of darkness and all the emotional torment that was passed down to the three of us. I would also like to acknowledge my two best friends, Jan and Chuck, who have inspired me each step of the way on my journey of recovery. It is their unwavering faith and commitment to God that let them see the vision of what my true destiny could be. Not once, since the day God brought them to me, have they taken a single step backwards from what they knew was to be their part in showing me the way to begin my recovery process. To have even one glimmer of their reflection seen through me in the eyes of others would be a great honor because, through them, I have seen the reflection of our own Savior, Jesus Christ. INTRODUCTION I believe that life is a process of finding the true purpose of what God intended for us when He made the decision to create us. What I am about to write may be hard for some to understand, but as you read my story, I hope you will begin to see what I am trying to say. I also believe that God's way of showing us how to be committed teachers of His words and healers of His lost children's hearts is by teaching us that, even in the hardest lessons of our lives, there are great wisdoms to be learned. We do that by overcoming the demons of this world, taking those battles won and then giving back to God by healing others who are in the darkness that we once were in ourselves. There is a saying I love that goes, "Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, for he stood the test of time and received the crown of life that God promises to those who love Him." These journals are the entries of the trials I faced during my time of testing, and I still work very hard to this day for I too want to receive God’s crown of life.


thank you for this website and sharing your struggle from the darkness into the light!

Jeff D.

As I promised, I came to visit, but ended up staying quite a while. Your story is very powerful, and I am impressed that you have the strength to share it so honestly.

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  • after 20 years of emotional abuse from my family, I have finally taken the steps to comeback to God's Grace and Love. I have been in recovery at Celebrate Recovery for two and one half years. These journals I will be adding from my first book are my encounters of my first two years of recovery. I am writing a second book Healing Hooves it will be a story about my 12 year old daughter who is wheel chair bound and how she found reached to great elements of success thru horse thearpy
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