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breaking free

Just got back from CR recovery and I am feeling pretty inspired. It was testominy night. My best friend ask me to do a Beth Moore study with her called breaking free, we are getting the work books tomorrow and starting next week. I am exicted. It is about making Liberty in Christ a Reality in Life. Tomorrow I go to the horse lot and get to play with the baby goat, chickens, and two colts. I love going out there and just doing nothing. I took pictures and will post some soon as the get developed. Have a Great Weekend................YSIC Sonja

YOu'll have to let me know how the Beth Moore study goes. It sounds pretty neat!

I'm glad you have a place to escape and interact with animals. It's so theraputic, isn't it? My MIL has a small ranch and we love going there to play with the goats, horses, and donkeys. Snuggle Bug especially loves the donkeys! :)

I'd love to see your pictures when you get them developed.

I have heard good things about that book and study.

I am working on a Beth Moore study on the book of Daniel.

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