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Faith and Fear

discussion question from faith lifts: In what areas of your life is your faith weak and your heart weary? How does this scripture apply to those areas and how can you put this promise into action in your life? One of the things that use to really confuse my about my recovery is when people thinking they were helping me would come to me and say. Sonja you can not be afraid, Fear and Faith have no place with each other. You cannot Love and Trust God and have Fear still in your heart. Let me tell you, for someone who is just stepping in recovery, that knows now that they absolutely Love the Lord, but still struggles because not all the darkness has left them. Well hearing things like that from people can really confuse an already tender and shaky heart and mind. Just think about it a heart in recovery, well it has just been broken completely. Ripped in every direction it really needs to be in order to repair properly. So it is like a new born babies heart, tender and soft, and vuneralbe for remolding and building a new foundation. That right there is a scary thing for anyone. So fear in my opinion is just a factor in all the new emotions that will be coming to that new heart as it travels down the road to recovery. I am not saying a good emotion given to us by God, more of an human emotion given to us by those in this world oppressed from God. As I am learning thru reading the bible for the first time. I just got to say really quick on that subject, Wow, I did not know there were so many amazing stories. I am reading back and forth from 2 Chronicles, and Isaiah. There were Kings who gave it all to God, still had there scary moments. Kings who lead in horror worshiping idols, killing sons, doing witchcraft, you know they had almost 24/7 in scary moments. So this is what I am seeing now for the first time it is becoming clear to me. Faith may be choosing like me to believe God even when your heart and soul is being overwhelmed with Fear. So perhaps Faith is tested by; What We do with Fear, and not whether or not we have it. Titles of People and even there own heritage means nothing if the King of their Hearts desire is not God. That is why I felt like nothing for so many years. Because my own parents were oppressed from God, made us think of them for our King, and to worship and obey only them , instead of what our own young hearts desires were wanting, God himself. Don't get me wrong we need our parents, we need to be loved by them, but it is their responsibility to mold us in God's image not theirs. Satan can not force us to go where he leads, we have to freely choose to go their. When we do that as parents we not only show God how we live in the face of fear, but we also show our children the paths to Satan not to God. So while I do get less fearful each day, when fear does come to me now I will not let Fear say I am a defeated Child of God, I will just say God I am going to show You how I now will deal with this Fear creature, it is by your wisdoms, and you spirit in me that I will deal with Fear now, and only that way.

Fear draws us to Him as nothingelse will. I lived in fear for many years, and only He could draw me out of it. As a woman, fear is natural just as is worry, the unnatural, and what He calls us to do, is to lay it at His feet. He has to keep reminding me of this. Praise the Lord for His patience.

"So perhaps Faith is tested by; What We do with Fear, and not whether or not we have it." - great insight!

fear is part of this life. like you say it is what we do with our fear - where we turn.

How powerful fear can be when you let it. I feared falling so much I hardly got out of the house. I gave up on hope so fear almost completely paralize me in faith.

Sometimes you have to get down to get up and that is from being broken. I had to literaly get down in the dirt having everything I feared happening mainly trusting others, which I had no choice but to.

I guess you caould say there was a bit of an intervention. After all was and done I got back the glimmer of faith and hope.

Instead of keeping my binds and curtains closed I actually have opened them and let the light in.

God did not give us the spirit of fear, however, people who are babes in Christ don't yet know that. That is why we are instructed to study and grow in His word, and as we grow, so grows our Faith, and eventually fear is covered up and gone.

Your mom and dad were/are not born again Christians. As a result they didn't know about raising up a child in the Lord. That is why God invented Forgivness. Forgivness is medicene for the Soul and Heart.

Love you, Auntie

I appreciated your thoughts about fear and specifically how we deal with it being the key issue. Praise God for His faithfulness and for the lessons He teaches us each day. Blessings!

UHHH Its not Wednesday??? What day are you in?? I know about the back beans? Just enjoyin em whilst I can.

God bless YOU! Your life is a blessing. Shalom.

Excellent post! You are so right. Well meaning people try to solve it with their word and then move on, as it's a quick fix to them. But be of good cheer..there are people out here who love you, know the struggles you experience on this path to recovery and if they could, would remain at your side through all of it. Keep on!!
You are a blessing

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