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faith lifts message to me

THIS PICTURE IS CALLED HEAVEN'S GATE, THIS ONE IS FOR YOU MY FRIEND SAM i received this e-mail from heather at faith lifts today. I am exteremly honored to have my writing on faith lifts. here is her e-mail you can go to my links and hit faith lifts and get to the site thanks sonja Sonja,I hope you get this tonight:) We are going to use this as a guest entry for Sunday (tomorrow). It will be up at midnight tonight and will remain up until midnight tomorrow .... so if you want to direct your readers to faithlifts to read it, that would be great! Thank you for submitting it! Sorry it is so abrupt, we had an emergency opening and I thought yours would fit perfectly!Heather

Thanks for the pic it has been pretty close to how I felt and feel.

Grats on getting apot on faithlifts.

Thanks for your sweet comment on Parker's site. I'm off to read your post on Faith Lifts!

oops...I should start proof reading.
It was to say a spot

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