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fighting the battle of forgiveness

This week my recovery is focusing on forgiveness. In the beginning of my recovery while I did believe I could be forgiven I still absolutely knew that there were some things I had done that not even God could forgive me for. Forgiving myself has been the biggest battle of all to fight. Being like that kept me stuck for many many months not being able to move even one step forward in my journey of recovery. As I learned about God, and was taught that he does forgive us for all things in our past, I would let those dark burning coals go out one by one, but still there were those few really bad hot burning coals I kept way down deep in my soul, and when it came to God well I kept him there with them fearing it would be too much for him to handle. Then a very wise man said this to me. Sonja if God has forgiven you for everything what makes you think you know better than God himself? Through adversity I have grown and eventually I did gain freedom by giving those last few dark burning coal to God when I took him out of that pit they were in. It was a long hard lesson learning forgiveness, but a battle well worth fighting………….ysic Sonja Brooks

Amen! One person once asked me..."if Jesus died for your sins what sins had you committed when He died?" After pondering it I realized that since I wasn't even living when He died, that He had to have died for every single sin that He knew I would ever commit and not that just, but for my sin nature as well...He exchanged His rightousness for our filth and gave us a new nature. Very cool!!

that is cool to think that God has this great big ole universe to attend to, but still he pays attention to every single detail of our hearts, and knows how to send the most perfect warriors to help us. i just love that about him.

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