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getting back to my safe place

MY name is Sonja I am a new Christian that has been in recovery for two and one half years…….leaving a 20 year life of total darkness and despair behind me. About three months ago I said yippee I am cured God is good, and I said I did not need any more of God’s 12 steps and 8 principles written in His Bible anymore, just be happy and love God and all will be well. Well after about three months of spiritial starvation I began to feel weak and sad and even seeing old tapes of satan’s darkness trying to come and retape God’s new tapes of his wisdoms from the very hard lessons I had to learn. Thank goodness for my Christian family, they picked me up and said "Sonja" what makes you think you know more than God, "He" says the journey is never ending and you must always walk in his way’s………..so here I am trying to find my way back to my safe place to work on my ongoing recovery and getting fed that good old spiritial food again………I am so grateful for God who has never forsaken me even in my weakness of this new journey of mine… tonight is Friday night our CR meeting night and I am sitting here at work fighting those tapes telling me I have all these excuses not to go........wanting despertly for my best friend Jan to call me and tell me Sonja I will be there to pick you up at 6..........so I ask all to pray for me today if you read this....I do have the strength to go I believe and will fight these old feelings trying to keep me away……..ysic sonja brooks

Well you def know more about the steps than I do, but you cant wait for people to do it for you, you just need to go!!
Nobody can do it for us. Have you found a church yet?? That would help too!
YFIC a little voice

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  • after 20 years of emotional abuse from my family, I have finally taken the steps to comeback to God's Grace and Love. I have been in recovery at Celebrate Recovery for two and one half years. These journals I will be adding from my first book are my encounters of my first two years of recovery. I am writing a second book Healing Hooves it will be a story about my 12 year old daughter who is wheel chair bound and how she found reached to great elements of success thru horse thearpy
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