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Helping hands

This picture reminds me of how my heart felt when I knew God was really calling to me saying IT IS TIME to start your journey of recovery. While darkness still ruled in my heart, God had left many beams of light thru warriors he sent to me so that when it was time they could form a brilliant beam warming the way for me to start my Journey Of Recovery Today's post is just a simple request. I have a friend, actually I am her official buddy at Celebrate Recovery. Even though I can not break confidentially by telling you her story, I can however ask you to join in conversations with her on her new blog she just started. Like mine is it simple in style, but very expressive in her messages from her heart. Please fellowship with her, and support her, as I feel God is calling her to really start the Big Stuff in her journey of recovery. YSIC Sonja Brooks here is her blog http://justalittlelessmelord.blogspot.com/

Boo...told you I would do this.

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  • after 20 years of emotional abuse from my family, I have finally taken the steps to comeback to God's Grace and Love. I have been in recovery at Celebrate Recovery for two and one half years. These journals I will be adding from my first book are my encounters of my first two years of recovery. I am writing a second book Healing Hooves it will be a story about my 12 year old daughter who is wheel chair bound and how she found reached to great elements of success thru horse thearpy
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