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I Believe

This picture reminds me of how i feel today. the brown ball is society, and the red filling inside the ball is society telling me I can not have all the things society says i need to have in order to excits by their standards,,,,,,,,,,,the beaming lights all around society is God's protection for me telling me if you have Faith in me then I will show You the way to take care of your NEEDS. Faith Lifts Topic for Today Discussion:How is God calling you to be faithful in the “simple things”? In what way can you apply this today? As I am approaching my third year of recovery back to God, I am starting to want to acheive in areas I have never had to courage to excel in before. While living in darkness I gave up on all things, and when I did that the World told me because YOU have stopped living withing the standard of what Society says you have to do in order for Society to give back to You We(society) are going to have a abandon You. So at the very end of my darkness I had no home, no job, no hopes, and could not get anyone to help me with anything.Today as I am getting stonger I still have no home, no creditablity according to society, but I do have all kinds of Hopes and Dreams now for my families future, and desires to acheive in my job to higher levels than I have ever dared to go.So while I am struggling, and these 400 dollar electric bills, and high gas prices try to tear me down from ever getting any kind of good playing field at all with my stability, I now still see Hope for the future. I have no choice but the trust God, and give ALL my Faith to him, because the only alternative is to go back to darkness, and let Society win over God. No, No, No, I will have Victory, Victory with the Lord.I do Believe in the Simple Things, I do Believe in Love Of God, and I do Believe Society can be proved wrong, I just go to let God help me show them that……………..Sonja

These are things everyone struggles with. Do you realize that 75% of Americans live pay check to pay check? No one is exempt from struggles. The point is you are making it even though you struggle.
Do like I did turn the air off!!
My sweet daughter helped me pay mine off this week! Thank the Lord!!

Yes my good friend Paulette, that is exactly what I was trying to express. In the dark days I thought these things meant I was a failure as a mom, now I see them for what they are, wordly struggles, and I will overcome with God's help. Also my sweet daughter Robyn has also given me 100 dollars out of her last two paychecks to help. I am grateful for that and her...........sonja


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