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I have an amazing story to tell today, actually a true miracle sent from God himself. My friend and sister from CR has been living and fighting self-hatred for many years, and Satan well he had a grip on her she just could not let go of. Don't get me wrong, she tries, and tries, then gives up and comes back and tries again. This has been her battle for many many months. Friday night Sept. 22nd, God presented himself to her in a might big way, a miracle, and he blessed many to see and be a part of it. It was amazing for her, and life changing. She wrote a story that is quite a story to read. I encourage anyone reading this to go and read her blog, bookmark her blog, because I am here to tell you as her sister, her friend, her recovery buddy she and God are fixen to start one amazing journey of recovery, and I am humble to be able to share that journey with her. I love you my sister. Remember what I say. It is not by Your Power, Your Might, but only by the Spirit of the Lord that you will have victory. He planted the seed Friday night deep within your soul, he showed Satan that it is YOUR time my sister, YOUR time. Live may not have been so beautiful for you, but I am telling you Life is fixen to become one beautiful ride.................Go With God My Friend Sonja http://justalittlelessmelord.blogspot.com/

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  • after 20 years of emotional abuse from my family, I have finally taken the steps to comeback to God's Grace and Love. I have been in recovery at Celebrate Recovery for two and one half years. These journals I will be adding from my first book are my encounters of my first two years of recovery. I am writing a second book Healing Hooves it will be a story about my 12 year old daughter who is wheel chair bound and how she found reached to great elements of success thru horse thearpy
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