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In what ways have you experienced God's GRACE in your recovery.

To answer this I must circle back to 20 years ago when darkness ruled my life and 2 and one half years ago when I reached the very rock bottom of my days of living in the will of my demons. These were the fears that Satan put in my heart and soul by those who sought to destroy me. Fears in order from strongest to weakest. 1 Being told by my parents I was an unworthy sinful piece of garbage, and everything I created or touch would be destined for failure. 2 Being afraid to embrace my two daughters for fear God would destroy them because he hated me so much as my parents taught me. 3 Fear of the world because it told me while I lived in darkness I was not worthy of having its worldly possessions. 4 Total self destruction because I believed as long as I was destroying my own self God would leave my two girls alone and not destroy them anymore than he already has. Now come back to the beginning of my recovery on that same day of the final day that Satan wanted to finish his work with me. God He Is Amazing. He knew I was a simple woman who knew nothing about all things Godly. So while I was developing all these great big fears that I let build my foundation of doom and darkness, God said it is time to tear that foundation down and build His House Of Light, Hope, and Faith. He did that by keeping up with every horrible detail of each one of those fears I had, and He knew the exact order that his gifts of Grace must come to me in order for me to Heal. God's Gift Of Grace To Sonja 1 Of course He Knew this had to be the strongest of all his gifts to come first on that most important day that would change my life, but at the same time it had to be done in the most simple and delicate way so I would not take that final jump into the the final death of darkness. So God brought me Jan, who simply Held out her Hand to Me with God's perfect fingerprints all over them never once expecting anything in return. To this day almost three years later she still sits by my side just offering God's Grace that He Has on Her just for me Sonja. That to me is an amazing thing. 2 Giving me the tools I need like courage, preservance to endure the hard truths of my own failures and forgive myself, hope so that I can go to my daughters and ask to be forgiven so that we could heal and I could embrace them the way they deserve to be embraced. 3 Teaching me to know that it is the Heart of a Person that determines their Wealth rather than the Look of a Person that the world seems to think it should be. To this day I have no more worldly possessions than I did 20 years ago, but because I have God's Grace and Love I am learning to live in this world that still wants to deem me not worthy of its material wealth daily. 4. Letting me be able to look in the mirror and see that I am a child of God. Perfectly created by those same fingerprints that he put on all those wonderful people he has sent to me to teach me his great wisdoms. 5. A Safe Place "Celebrate Recovery" that I know I can go to and tell my deepest darkest hurts and pains and know his warriors are there to be my guardians of my recovery, and they unconditionally accept me daily as their equals. These are my gifts of God's Grace, given to me in the most perfect order at the exact times in my life that I needed to have them to find my way to Him. He is an Amazing God, and I am glad he is My Father and My Friend.................YSIC Sonja

I cannot begin to imagine abuse like you suffered. Nor can I begin to imagine how parents could treat their child like that. I suppose the only answer to how they could do that is Satan - ugly, cruel, evil Satan.

Praise the Lord, the mericiful Lord, who had you in His arms and who is healing and loving you!!!

I hope you find even more of His comfort and compassion here in our little blogging community.

Much love to you!!! :) {{{hugs}}}

DADA, you never have to travel backwards to tell what God has accomplished in your

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