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My Layers Of Heaven

Looking at these pictures it makes me think of all God's layers of heaven that He gives to Me. I know that may sound beyond what is reality because we think of Heaven as the Realm Of The All Mighty, that is the Heaven to us that is above and beyond everything that is familiar to us now, and where we desire to make our HOME when we go to Glory. With me it is like someone who is seeing God and all his gifts bestowed to me thru the eyes of a newborn babe, I see different layers of Heaven. I see the Atmospheric Heaven, and God's little pieces of perfectly created touches here on our very earth. At the age of 49 I took my first plane ride, and flew in the midst of beautiful majestic fluffy white clouds. I had this amazing feeling of just wonder in me. At that time I did not know God because I had not yet started my journey of recovery, but now I know that was a inner spiritual feeling of just awe and wonder that God was letting me have while still living, a little piece of what His Heaven would make me feel like. God knows I have this love of wide open spaces, and when he lets me see moments of acres of beautiful undeveloped land covered with pure white clean snow. I get a feeling of complete peace and solitude, and total comfort. Those too were feelings stolen from me for so many years of my life that God lets me feel now thru the beautiful things he has created that hold tenderness in my heart, his little pieces of heaven right here on my earth. Then there is the World OF The Planets Heaven for me..........I have a young daughter that loves science and every chance we can get we try to go and study things beyond the universe. While all the scientist have an answer that seems to go in the opposite direction of God, Jesse and I we know that when we see amazing things like Beaming Flames Thur the Night Skies going up to the infinite skies and beyone. We know that these are picturesque moments given just to us. God letting us enjoy more of his amazing creations Beyond the Universe. I love the fact that I was absolutely able to give all my past hurts, and hang-ups to God and just let them go. It lets me see life and people in a new light. A light that is God's creation also. It makes tomorrows exciting now, and knowing someday I get to live in a place that is amazing beyond comprehension of Total Perfection of His Great Works gives me peace about being here in a world that for so many years tried to make me believe this wonderful amazing God hated and wanted to destroy me. I love knowing these are the kind of thoughts that my heart holds dear now...............Sonja

Wonderful post on the Layers of Heaven. Very uplifting.

Glad to hear you're excited about the new bible study. Hope you really enjoy it.

And a new church! Wow. May it be a great home for you and a wonderful family. Hope all goes well.

I finished reading your testimony too..don't know if I told you that or not. We are truly sisters.
Blessings to you.

Posted by MugwumpMom to I Am A Friend Of God, He Calls Me Friend at 9/16/2006 04:06:23 PM

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