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road map for success

Having a road map for success in my daily life and journey of recovery and discovery. Living in Darkness for so many years erases any kind of direction I had for moving forward and gaining success in Life. While I know God is the answer to all things. I do believe He also wants us to have goals to help us while he is taking us on our journey of discovery. When I first started three years ago on my journey I wrote these principles down in my journal to help give me a road map or sort to get started with God. I found them last night and thought I would share them. So here are some very good principles to apply to your daily life in all you do and say to help you stay in a forward moving direction. Envision Growth By applying these principle to your daily life and recovery process for those who are in recovery you are ensuring that you are prepared and well positioned for a successful life. Demonstrate Integrity Communicate honestly, demonstrating respect for others. Make clear commitments. Make promises cautiously, promising only what you will deliver. Behaves honorably, whether or not someone is watching. Treat everyone equally regardless of position and influence. Accept responsibility Be a Positive Influence Communicating with courtesy, demonstrating respect for others. Recognizing and rewarding the contributions of others. Recognizing and appreciating the value of diversity. Measure Everything Recognize that accurate measurements are necessary positive change Be accountable for those measurements Recognize that clearly stating expectations and accurately following through with those goals are critical in demonstrating individual success Know The Details Seek accuracy in all things you do. Ask questions when you don’t understand. Keep asking until you fully understand. Be a keen observer. Demonstrate a personal commitment to learning and to upgrading your new skills

Great post! I have posted a similar post today--about looking for God....or waiting for His answer. 'Attend' to life! It seems simple...until the distractions of life get in the way.


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