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sonja's quote for the week

"You Cannot Conquer What You Will Not Confront"--- :"There is no growth without change and there is no change without loss and there is no loss without pain

Definately my new qoute of the century!!

stupid freakin blogger wont let me post today!!! I hate blogger, blogger reminds me of satan.

Hi Sonya,
That is a wonderful quote and so true. My personal quote is something similar...God cannot heal what you will not reveal, and nor can He heal what you refuse to feel...

You commented on my blog that you wanted to read my story from start to finish...that is very humbling to hear. It is my honour to share it with you, but you won't find it on my regular blog (3forward2back)..my life story and journey to healing is actually posted on a different blog called at http://eirenemaker.blogspot.com If you go into archives to the very first post in May called "Eirene Means Peace" that is where it starts. I read your story in your whole blog and you are so right..we have so much in common, we are truly sisters! And I mean that!
So I hope you a blessed by reading my story as much as I was blessed in reading yours...and like you, I want ALL the glory to go to our Daddy in Heaven!
Peace and grace to you.


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