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things to ask yourself

Today I received bad news. I can not say publically what this news is because it is an ongoing thing. Still every part of everything I have done for the last three years became frightened. My immeadiate fear was, the chains of darkness that I broke and replaced with new links given to me straight from God well I felt they may break, and if they break then I become broken again. Satan he is one fearce component, when He sees You at your best with God, then He attacks You the hardest. Darkness toke my earthly family away from me, along with every tool for life I had in me. God brought me a new family, each member of that family brought new tools so I could rebuild a great foundation and come back to God. Well now Satan he is attacking all of everything God has given to me. I am afraid, but I remember Fear can be dealt with if you do it in a Faithful Way with God's help. Lamentations 3:40 tells us; "examine our ways and test them, and.....return to the Lord. I have found to keep moving forward daily i must keep my daily inventories balanced. I must look at the things I did right as well as the things I did wrong. Then admit promplty and make amends when needed. A good way to keep myself balanced and going in the right direction is to ask myself these questions daily. 1 What goo did I do today? 2 In what areas did I blow it today? 3 Did I do or say anything that hurt someone today? 4 What did I learn from my actions today? 5 How many people did I make smile today? I am going to follow God, where ever He may take me I promise with everything I am I will follow. For the days to come I must give God daily time, to fuel my heart for the battle of Satan and all his lies and the things he want to steal from me. I will put WHATEVER boundaries needed with WHOMEVER needed. God give Me and My family strength to live in your ways each day, wisdom to know how to make the necessary changes needed to keep walking in those ways to make it to the next day, and the courage to know when we can not change what it is making us confused and weary, and how to apply that to going forward also with you. Sonja

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  • after 20 years of emotional abuse from my family, I have finally taken the steps to comeback to God's Grace and Love. I have been in recovery at Celebrate Recovery for two and one half years. These journals I will be adding from my first book are my encounters of my first two years of recovery. I am writing a second book Healing Hooves it will be a story about my 12 year old daughter who is wheel chair bound and how she found reached to great elements of success thru horse thearpy
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