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tuesday sept 5th

I have finally posted all the jouranls of my life for the past 20 years. So now that all who have read my testominy really know me I feel safe now to start with the new current me, Sonja a newly born again christian who is celebrating two and a half years in recovery back to God's Grace and Love. Oh yea and by the way I just finished my second book healing hooves, and just soon as the editing is done I will send it off for publishing. So today I will start with a fun little reading I found on another blog. Here goes. Meme questions from bloggy land 1. If you make sweet tea, do you use Luzianne, Lipton, or tell what ever your brand is. I stay with the tradition my wonderful grandmother passed down to me, Lipton, cooked on top of the stove, steeped for another hour before preparing. There is nothing better than that first glass of Lipton tea fresh from brewing, and it also takes me back to many wonderful memories of my grandmother, who was called to Glory many years ago. 2. What brand of toilet paper do you use? Angel soft, anything more about this question, it just TMI!!!!!!!!!!! 3. Which brand of bath soap do you use? Is it body wash or bar soap? I love bottle soaps from bath and body and avon, my two favorites, warm vanilla sugar, and then from avon, vanilla tea. 4. Which cereal do you buy for yourself? I just had gastric bypass in Feb of this year, so cereal is out for me right now, but I love kellogs frosted flakes, with a big bananna cutt up in it. 5. What brand of dishwasher detergent do you use? Is it liquid or tablets? I guess this is where I am a little quirky, I wash dishes with good old fashion liquid detergent do not rinse, put it in the diswasher, and then just let it finish, I manily just used the diswasher to heat dry. Man that is weird now that I actually read this. 6. What is your favorite fruit to eat? Since my bypass surgery hot food makes me sick, so cold fruits well that is a little bit of heaven for me, watermelon, cantalope, apples, and peaches, although it has been hard to find some good peaches these days........sonja 7.Which brand of laundry detergent do you use? I am a single mom in the lower chain of the finacial class so it is what is the cheapest at the dollar store, when I can afford it I like Gain. 8.Do you like chocolate? No, never really cared that much for chocolate, but now cheesecake that is another story, that has been my hardest thing since my surgery, giving up cheesecake. I just love me some good ole cheesecake, jack in the box has the best for a quick fix. 9. Are you right handed or left handed? Right handed 10. Do you still write checks or use a debit card? In my past life while living in darkness I did not do so well with having checks, so now the newly God loving me who knows she is worthy of greatness, knows to stay away from things that played big roles in my dark years, so I am strictly a debit card girl, no checks, no credit cards, just what I have week to week, and that is all I need. So there you go a little sneak peak into Sonja, have a great day

Very cool...I'm so glad you stopped by my blog. I also wrote out my testimony at http://eirenemaker.blogspot.com. I will be back for sure to read more of your story. God is so wonderful!!! I have a new sister now. Thanks for stopping by to introduce yourself.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Would love to read your book when its published:)Stop by again. Would love to hear from you. Have a great day.

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