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Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is THERE IS FREEDOM

When oppressed, We the children of God have a tendency to prepare shelters for ourselves rather than do what Freedom and Liberty demands. Those shelters can easily turn into strong holds, which turns into a destructive nature that Satan feeds upon, and we often have little defense to protect ourselves from that. It is not by Power, nor by Might, but only by the Spirit of the Lord that We can be Victorious. When I read that it brought something to the surface inside of me that I have never given thought to before. These last three years while in recovery my heart still always had a feeling inside of it that I was not letting God have completely. I never could quite understand why this pulled so deep at my heart. I have become so strong in so many ways these last three years. Still as a mother I have always felt like there was something missing for my girls, something from me that I am still failing at with them. When I look at them I know they feel physically safe, but still there was something missing in our home. I have been thinking that it is the fact that to this day I still can not provide financially all the things I believe they should have. They still have to do without so many of the simple things in life. As I was listening to Beth Moore talk tonight about Finding Freedom, I thought about how my parents who ruined the foundations of their own children "should have held our hearts with tenderness and filled them with God Grace and Love". While they did give us shelter, and we always had everything financially that we wanted, I can remember still always feeling insecure and scared when it came to the matter of my own heart. I never heard the word Love in our house, I never saw my dad embrace my mom, or for that matter my parents embrace any of us kids. Though they did make sure that as long as we played by their rules we had plenty to play with. I know now that my very own parents allowed themselves to be oppressed from God, and while they did give us all the things they thought we needed to be safe, they were also putting up shelters against our hearts because they left out the spiritual part of molding those young tender hearts, those shelters they built became my strong holds on my own heart, and that always made me feel unsafe and sacred when I had to face anything concerning my own life building process. That made me realize what it is that I am missing in my own house with my girls. I have worked hard for me these last three years, and I do have a safe place where I am rebuilding the parts of my heart that need to be rebuilt with God. That is what I also need to be doing with my girls. While I do want to gain success and grow financially for them, more importantly I now see, I must help them to learn how to come to God to grow the spirit on Him in their young hearts. With that they can face anything and be victorious.

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I am sending her a bill for my finders fee..asked and I didn't care.

Now for the comment:
I know from experiance how things can get turned into a stornghold..and to use my Friday night CR leaders example I feed that black dog and he is getting fat.

However, my white dog (the good things) has been starving to death.

Way to go for doing all you can to break the chains.

I have noticed my daughter picking up my way of dealing with things and I have started to try and show other ways to handle things.

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