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and the journey begins

Wednesday Oct. 18, 2006 a day to remember. For about 6 months now I have been searcing for the answer to help my daughter find her way to start her own little journery to God. I have been on mine for three years now, and came to the realization it is time for me to step up to the plate and help do for my kids that my wonderful christian family has done for me. My 12 year old is wheel chair bound with spina bifida. She is very quite, timid, and shy when amoung new people and enviorments. At the beginning of my recovery she did go to church with me, and everyone was nice to her. Still Jesse told me Mom, I just do not feel that I belong here. The people are nice, they come to me and greet me, then they just sit me in the corner and expect me to be the nice girl that just gets to spectate and never be involved. Now I know alot of that is because she is so shy, but also in my opinion if you are going to have teaching for all children then you should forcast ahead of time for those with special needs, if you are going to invite them into your fellowship. So me being the mom that caters to all Jesse's emotions, and sometimes that is a negitive thing even though I think I am keeping her safe. I stop going to church so she would not have to, and on the occassion I did go I let her stay at home with big sister. That is another story in itself. I found a church called United Methodist, and they even have on their web site, special needs ministry. So I did some calling lost of e-mailing, and made arrangements for Jesse to go to their Wednesday night fellowship class, before us starting to church that following Sunday. Last night was her first Wednesday night, and when I got home big sister was coming her hair while Jesse was sitting in the wheel chair crying and saying please do not make me go. I did make arrangments for her best friend to go, and while she still did not want to go, doing that did get her out the door. We got to church, and I left her and her friend, with big sulky frowns and sad faces with the group of kids and leader. It was so hard walkng away from that, and just leaving her there being so sad. Two hours later I go and pick her up, and she is with three other girls just laughing and having a good ole time. I was so happy to see her having that kind of fun fellowshiping with kids her age. She talked and talked about all the kids and what they did, and even ask about Sunday. I said do you and Narussia want to go back next week, and they said Yes. So here we are starting a new adventure with God with the children. I am excited for Jesse and Narussia. I will keep you posted in their progress in days to come. God is amazing. Sonja

You were right to have Jesse to go to the fellowship, even though she was upset. When Teresa first came to live with her dad and I at age 14, she said she didn't care to go to church because of the bad experiences with churches where she was living. I told her that her going/not going was non-negotiable. She would be going to church. I really believed she would like it which she did. She enjoyed it. Sometimes a child needs to do what she thinks she doesn't want to do because they need to not let fear keep her/him from living life to its fullest. If you don't keep trying, DADA, Jesse may become a recluse which would be sooo sad. By doing that for her she will learn what God wants for her life as she is. She'll get it and she will be ok.

Hello, good job for taking her. Remember you are the adult she is the kid and you are not responsible for your kids emotional well being. All you have to do is be the responsible adult and God will do the rest. You have to let her grow up. So I take it Jan and Chuck are going here?

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