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Being Satisfied Completely

I was asked this question in my bible study class today, and have to say it really hit me hard. This is my first bible study since coming to God, and I am still new to learning all the words of God’s readings from the bible, and having to read the scripture that went along with this question brought back some hard memories for me. Question: Is your soul your spirit your own inmost place the real you entirely satisfied with Christ. Verses Isaiah 55 1-2 Come all you who are thirsty come to the waters and you who have no money come buy and eat Come buy wine and milk without money and without cost Why spend money on what is not bread and your labor on what does not satisfy. The definition for Satisfied as stated in my book….to fill, accomplish, the filling of something that was empty, the act of replenishment as well as the experience of satiation. I guess I could have done the easy thing and said Oh Yes I am so blessed and my spirit is full and satisfied, but there is this one thing that keeps getting in my way. This is the one thing I do know is for certain....Not only is God’s truth and absolute necessity in my progress for recovery, but my complete truthfulness is also a necessity for my recovery. So I have to say No to this question, I am still confused and scared about do I just say God here it is take it……….or does God expect me to use this Free Will gift he gave me and figure out how to deal in an earthy way and still stay Godly with HIM. This is so confusing to me. In the book is says………why do we work so hard for things that are never enough, can never fill us up, and are endlessly insufficient. When I read things like that, I look at my life as an example………….I work hard, but I do not get to know about the things that are insufficient, or never enough, because I still struggle with just the basics. Basic survival for just living, and being the soul provider for me and my girls. I hear from people all the time……….well Sonja that is just life, 80 percent of people are just like you it will always be that way for some. So for me to be satisfied in my heart, mind, and soul do I have to know what Gods limitations for Sonja is. If God created me in his image, and my mind is now healthy and strong, then why should I have to have limits put on my life and me being able to just do the basics. I know in order for me to have complete freedom means allowing Christ to fill the empty places in my life. All empty places. I know I have salvation from sin, but I do not feel in my heart I have satisfaction of my soul completely. I go and read the part where God says you who have no money come buy wine and milk without money and without cost. I can apply that to my spiritual soul, but it is the reality of what I have to live in while here on earth that I am having a hard time with. I do know that now that I am gaining peace as each day goes by that the hard stuff does seem to be more doable at times, but then it is the big stuff that if you do not take immediate action on will effect the actual welfare of you family that still scares the heck out of me at times. I do accept the help of others now and do not feel shameful for having to get it, but I still would love to live in a world where my kids could say MY MOM can do this on her own, you know just the basics………I know we can never do all things in life on our own, that is the spiritual side I am complete on, it is the completion of all parts of my soul that I am having to work hard at and still get confused on in the present time of my life……..in my weak days I use to just all settle for the circumstances that controlled my life be it bad or good, mostly though it was always bad. Now days as I am learning to Love my own self again I just do not want to settle. Still I am learning that there is a great time line that God wants us to go through before all the past damage from our darkness is gone even when we are healed spiritually. I am glad for my new tools God has given me, so that I can live in my current circumstances that are still controlled somewhat from the damage of my past. My Faith is knowing that someday it will be greater; this is just a true test for me from God. Maybe the most important test of all.

Man I seriously hate to tell you that you will never be totally satisfied, especially in the things of the world.....It is our inate selfish desires. Our only hope is to not think about it and grow spiritually.

DADA, two things: 1. There are no limitations with God. Soar under His wings; He'll lift you up and or catch you if you start falling. 2. If God cares when a sparrow falls to earth from its flights, how much more does He care for you. You are a child of the King, which makes you an heir with Christ. It is the Holy Spirit's job to teach you and comfort you. Call on Christ each day and then wait because He will provide for you when you least expect it, and it will make your heart glad. You are doing good. I see you growing, so stay strong in Christ.

Love ya, DADA...Auntie BJ

I agree with the first person here, while in God does provide definately people get to caught up in the material things like eating out, buying unecessary materal things. If we pray and ask God for what we need and not what we want I believe he will provide.
Anything besides our needs is selfish. I struggle with this alot. I have money to get whatever I want, but I want first and foremost to not live in the wants. Funny you should write this I have been dealing with this.

ooops my name is Sara lol

Great post. His promises are true...seek Him first, and all these things will be added to you. He says, test me in this and see if He won't open the windows of heaven to pour out His blessing of provision (both materially and spiritually) upon you.

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