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Don't Be Afraid Of Suffering

This Sunday I started my new church experience with United Methodist. I am so glad I have learned to listen when God prompts me in new directions now. I have felt God filling new parts of my inner soul these last few months, and at the same time I felt myself acting like that pervarable stubborn mule with his seat planted to the ground as he trusty lead person was trying to bring my him safely. That has been me off and on these last three years, more on than off I would have to say. I am stepping up more and letting my own trusty lead(GOD) have the reins. I have to say I was truly touched as the Pastor spoke of not being afraid to struggle. He told many stories about life and struggling and ended all with God will take care of You. There is a verse he read that I loved, and it goes. Do not fear what you are about to suffer... we boast in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not dissapoint us....revelation 2:10, and romans 5:3 In the past my struggles made me weak, sick, and came close to producing death for my own soul. That was when I did not understand, because I did not know God. While stuggling still scares me, I know my struggles will not last forever, God will take care of me, His love is everlasting, his promises does bring me hope thru the hard times now. I think I am going to like this new church of mine. My young daughter likes it too. These feelings stirring inside of me I know are the things that God is preparing in me to help me pay forward what he has given me in my last three years of recovery. I am glad I found a church that makes me want to go into the depts of those things stirring in me and explore what it is God is doing there. I am looking forward to the future for me and for my family. God's Love is an amanzing thing. Sonja

I am glad to see you on the grow again..it has really been somthing watching you go from being in a rut to being all fired up.

Glad you and Jessie are enjoying the new church and that it has many things for her.

It's so great to see how God is working in your life through your recovery! He is awesome! :)
Thanks for stopping by & commenting on my post. :)

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