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Knowing your purpose from faiths lifts

Discussion: Do you struggle with knowing your purpose? Like me, do you sometimes wish that you could do something HUGE for God; to maybe earn this precious gift of salvation you have been given? Or maybe striving to prove you are worthy of His grace? I use to wish I could do somethingng huge for God to show him how humbled I am for the recovery he has given me. So I would try to find a designated purpose for me that I thought he wanted me full fill for him, and work for that one goal. Now days as I grow I lead my days more by principles because when I do that I feel I am living my purpose for him in all my ways, small as they may seem to most, still it is more unified for God, My list for each day is to Know God and always believe in Him, To Glorify Him in my daily actions, to find satisfaction in Him, To experience Gods peace daily, and to enjoy the presence of God in my life. One of my favorite verses that I try to lead by example with is Isaiah 43:10 You are my witnesses,declares the Lord, and my servant whom I have chosen, so that you may know and believe me and understand that I am He

The more I get to know Him the more I come to believe that my greatest purpose on this world is to simply love and enjoy Him. He is that generous with His mercy and love.
Great post as usual.

Nope I never struggle with that, I just accept that he is in charge and knows what he is doing.

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I have often wondered what it is that I am to do in this life.

I have had 2 for sure instances in my life that I should have have passed away....and I have been told God has plans for me...I just wish he would let in on it.

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