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making liberty in christ a reality in me

Understanding the meaning of mind, soul and spirit being complete with God. Equations that will equal liberty: This was my study last night in Breaking Free. It is fascinating to me that you can hear words spoken over and over, matter of fact for me it has been three years now. I have done all the steps to my recovery, listen to the sermons on Sunday, hear God speak thru my beloved friends, and still I always seem to be off in the balance of completion with my mind, soul, and spirit. Then God came to me in the most profound way last night. I for the first time understood why, why my life began as it did, why it went in the direction my parent choose for me, and why it is changing in the awesome direction God is leading me in. I also for the very first time had to mourn in great sadness for my own parents, and while that part did make me very sad, it also took away a tremendous sense of why I was always so unbalanced within my own self. I hope this will make sense to you. It is such a huge thing for me. My lesson last night: When I was created it was by God's truth, and I was a pure newborn babe, ready to be molded for all his glory. Then came along my parent’s truth. While they came to this world just as I did, they however changed the direction of what they wanted their truth to be all about. This is where the equation comes in. My parent’s truth soon became controlled by their experiences in life, and the environments that they choose to be surrounded by. They choose their own perception of truth by that equation, and their own selected memories soon distorted the truth more and more. They also choose for their surrondings not to include the teaching of God's, and choose to live by societys example of what goodness means. One big thing too. Since their truth had none of God truth to balance their inner souls, their lives became incomplete always. Satan lies began to hold them captive, and they choose those lies to build my own foundation, which took me away from God's truth that God wanted me to be molded by. This made me be held by Satan’s lies also for many many years. I forgot the goodness that God created in my heart, soul, and spirit on the very day of my own birth. Here is the good thing though. The next equation. God’s truth is greater than my own truth. So I begin to learn some of God’s truth and that made me feel better. I started to be a good person again. I learned that all the things my parents told me that God hated me for, all those things I could be forgiven for, and God never hated me, he just needed me to understand the total equation for Liberty. It was last night that I not only realized that I am a better person now since my recovery, but that also that goodness that God created in me at my birth, has always been in my soul, my heart, my spirit, it was always there. I just forgot God’s truth, when I let my parents truth became mine. What freedom I felt when I finally got that last night in all of me. My truth plus the truth of God that I now know embrace love and live does equals freedom for me. I then at that very moment became very sad for my parents for the first real time. My dad died two years ago and when he died he had his truth, but none of God’s truth in him so he died incomplete. That made me cry for him in a true sense of loss for his own spirit and soul. My mom well she is still alive but also chooses to live with her truth only. She does go to church I hear, and I do pray for her, and will now even harder because I want for her what God has given back to me. Freedom. I woke up this morning still the same Sonja as I was yesterday, on the road to recovery, being excited for the next adventure that comes my way on this journey with God. And oh yea one more thing. I feel a new balance in my life, one that I know is going to take me to new levels with my Friend God. I am grateful for my friend Jan who ask me to do this study with her, that gave me a new breakthrough for my life. I know this study of God’s words was the necessary thing to help me in making my liberty in Christ become a reality for Me.

That is great. Iam glad you are doing the study. I bought the book but never did it. Iam shocked Jan is doing it.


DaDa, may I give you another truth that you may want to ponder? God allows hard times in our lives to build strenght in us, to prepare us for Him, to do a work which He wants personally for us to do. Not all does the same work, but When you are ready, God will reveal to you what work He would have you do. Keep being strong, God has plans for ya!

I love you, DADA. Auntie BJ

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