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MeMe Five Things

Five things I would do if I had 5 minutes to myself..... 1. Take a fishing pole and a lunch and go to a stock tank to do some good ole fishing 2. Go to the horse lot and just sit and watch the chickens, goats, and horses play and eat(I do that daily all by myself it is great) 3. Go and get my nails done, hadn't done that in years 4. Get some candles, bath oil, and have a long hot bath, and this one I would give 30 minutes instead of 5 5. Go to my computer and write, finish my book healing-hooves. Everytime I get close to finishing, I seem to have more to say. Five Items I'd love to get rid of..... 1. The fear from my girls hearts about lifes stuggles, we are working with God on this one daily 2. Getting all this weight off of me so I can go out and enjoy life with the girls more 3. The doubts that my friends have that keep them from going to their next step of recovery 4. Dysexia, and all spinal cord birth deffects 5. World hunger, especially for the children Five Items I would'nt part with... 1. My Childrens love 2. My passion for writing and telling my story 3. My extended family 4. Friends who deeply love and accept me. 5. God Five words or phrases I would love to hear....... 1. For my mom to say I am sorry 2. For my oldest daughter to say I am ready to leave this darkness and come to the light with you and Jesse 3. From my work, great job and now it is your turn to go to the next level of success 4. From my friend Sam, I am having the surgery 5. From Me, I am woman hear me roar, This is a good meme, it makes you think, I tag anyone who needs something to do today.

Your 5 things meme is a good read..says much about you. Hope they come true soon.

You seem down today, Sonja, or is an 'ol auntie hearing your heart wrong. Your girls are going to be ok. They have Thomas blood, which can be tough, onery, loving usually. I wish for you all that you wish to achieve in your post today. Everyone needs to hug him/herself now and then, so you hug yourself, ok. Wish I was able to come see you and the girls. One day we will come. Auntie

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