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Things I Am Thankful For

1. Going thru the Fire and Rain, and having God release the shackles from my feet so that now I can dance and Praise him. 2. Actually feeling that each new day does bring the miracle of his forgiveness. 3. Having the real Love of my family now, and great Trusted Friends. 4. For all the days I now have shining rays of light in my heart. 5. To know that my life is a testimony of Gods love, and no longer a circumstance of past generations dark behaviors. 6. Knowing that God did not forget me all those years I forgot him, and he keep up with all the details of my life to Heal Me and Give Me my Purpose. 7. Knowing that I was created for the purpose of giving Gods invisible character a glimpse of visibility thru my obedience and love for him. I fulfill what I am meant to be when God is recognizable in my lifestyle.

I always have associated that shackle song with my weight! I cannot wait for that freedom and hope that I will be free of that one day.

Pauletter this is sonja, we are just going to have to agree to disagree on this. I do believe their is an answer. I just believe it is not my time to know it yet. I have to believe that to be able to keep my faith growing and my recovery growing also........sonja

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