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What kind of REST are you getting

What kind of REST are you getting Running, Exhaustion, Stress Temptation. The Rest we get when we live according to what the Human Race requires of us. We work all week, dealing with what the world throws at us in our work, in our homes, and just in our personal lives. Then we it comes to our weekends we spend the 6th day catching up on all the things we missed doing because of our weekly schedule. By the 7th day which is suppose to be our day of rest, we do take a few minutes to just relax but we are still finishing up the chores so we will not have to deal with it next week, and after that we have to start getting ready to prepare for starting that work week coming. Seems living in that world we do not have much time for rest. All the word rest means to us is Running, Exhaustion, Stress, which leads to the Temptation in Life that lead us even further away from the rest that God wants for us. A restless heart leads to a reckless life . We need to learn to submit our schedule to God's wisdoms, it is necessary for us to operate at an optimal level. Restoration, Energy, Spiritual fitness, Tribute to God Gods REST for us consist of restoration on that day we choose to submit to his schedule for us. We do that by being still and listening to what he has to say. Psalms 23 verse 2 & 3 states: 2 He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, 3 He restores my soul. He guides me in paths of righteousness for his names sake. I ask what are your still waters you seek to restore your soul, where are you green pastures to lie down in to seek Gods wisdoms. It is a must that we find at least one full day to be quiet in a calm peaceful place to get spiritual restorationon. By doing that we receive great new levels of Energy, the kind of energy we need to go out and face the challengeses that the world throws at us daily. This makes us spiritually fit, and in the end being all that you can be for YOUR LORD is the ultimate Tribute to God. So I say Rest in the Human Race losses Life, but Rest in God's Place gains Life.

Interesting perspective on things one does thinking it helps them relax.

I would have to admit that I used many forms of escapisums that were not good for me to find my rest.

alright already I am rested! Need a new post, LOLOL

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