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Taking a break

I wanted to find the perfect pretty picture to post today, because it will be here for awhile. So I found this picture of a cute dog made of flowers. I am going to take some time to visit with God on the direction He wants for my life. I have been in recovery for three years, and my heart feels so full of life again. This time it is filled with life with the love of God too. So I want to honor this new heart that God has worked hard with me to restore. In the beginning of my recovery I took weeks of just being quite and listening because I did not know God, and I just did not know what else to do. So I want to go back to that now, and figure out what it is I am going to do with all this love, hope, faith, and Grace that has been given to me. I will write from time to time, and want anyone that reads this to know I Sonja Brooks am looking forward to tomorrow, and the weeks to come, what lies ahead actually excites me, and to be able to say in the future God I do this for You is something that I just can't wait to happen...............YSIC Sonja

shoot! how can I steal pics if your taking a break???

DaDa, we all must take a break now and then to be quiet so we can hear the voice of our Lord. He talks with us and walks with us. He goes up the mountain and the valleys with us. We must respect Him as our Father and hear what he says. And of course you know I will email you now and then.

I love you, Billie Jayne

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