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What Being A Overcomer Means

Believer who doesn’t quit no matter how hard the battle seems, they always stand firm when others have already ran. Always Getting Up Again, Rising Again, and seeing the vision of what God has in store for your life, Not what Man is trying to tear down. When all things seem impossible, and things have gone astray, not letting that stop them, because they heard the voice of God say "Remember I have already given you the "Land"." Knowing the being Victorious means having the "Right Attitude Of The Heart At All Times". That there is NOT EVER any reason for them to ever Run from anyone or any situation ever again, because they are as equally loved and respected by God as everysingle person, creature, and creation on this earth, and that helps them when they are being attacked not to attack back. It is growth, and validating that they are growing with God each and everyday....................That is the most awesome thing to Me to experience...........................sb

It has been quite a challenge trying to keep a positive attitude.

Sometimes it seems so strange just like it is hard to not live in a world of self-hatred.

However it is not impossible as 90 days will be the 21st of December.

Hi Sonja,

This is Josh. :) Just wanted to see what you've been up to and found this blog. Drop me a line sometime!


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